SK Easy Shine is a quick detail spray like no other. This polymer coating goes on like a detailer, but adds a protective coating like a wax. It works on both interior and exterior surfaces, leaving a long-lasting finish that shines and protects your vehicle for a showroom finish!

SK Easy Shine repels dusts, dirt, nature’s elements and protects from harmful UV rays.

SK Easy Shine leaves your RV, Car, Motorcycle or boat with a deep show car shine that lasts for up to 6 months.

Use SK Easy Shine on clear coated painted body surfaces, hot-rod flat black, satin paint finishes, chrome, coated wheels, all vehicle wraps, over decals, windows & on top of ceramic coatings too!

SK Easy Shine’s hydrophobic polymers leave a barrier on top of all surfaces and glass. Just what are hydrophobic polymers? They are a special class of polymers that enhance the depth of shine while repelling water.

Dust and fingerprints wipe off much easier, and water easily beads and rolls off whatever surface it is applied to. You can easily touch-up your vehicle between washes with SK Easy Shine and a microfiber towel.

SK Easy Shine’s unique properties also provide a fantastic UV protectant coating on all surfaces, including plastics and interior trim.

It does not leave a film, hazing, white residue or a slimy feel. Spray on plastic trim and vinyl interior pieces, and wipe off as you would your typical dressing. You’ll be left with a clean look that is not slick and repels dust with anti-static properties.

Poor vision in the rain is a thing of the past as this formula works wonders on glass. SK Easy Shine leaves your windshield crystal clear. The hydrophobic polymers work just as they do on the painted surface, repelling water.

We’re so confident in this product, that we stand behind it with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

The Safety Data Sheet for SK Easy Shine can be found here.